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Making cities cooler

It’s time to design the cities of the future. Cities that are energy efficient and resilient to climate change . Our vision is cities that effectively serve the people living in them, with ample public parks and clean air, cities in which we coexist with the ecosystem. Our aim is to bring nature, and all of its benefits, back into our cities. We believe that roofs are the best place to start. 

Making cities cooler is the coolest mission ever.

Our Problem

The climate crisis is affecting many aspects of our daily lives,  causing numerous challenges for individuals and communities. The urban ecosystem is uniquely affected by this crisis. As migration to cities persists, urban areas continue to grow rapidly creating vast concrete deserts*. As a result, our cities and their communities are struggling to cope with the Urban Heat Island, pollution, stormwater management, loss of public parks and urban biodiversity.


* Concrete deserts is a term we use to describe the effect intense urban development has on our planet.
Much like a natural desert urban areas are susceptible to high temperatures, floods and a lack of biodiversity 

One of the most concerning problems is the urban heat island – city centers suffer from significantly higher temperatures than their surroundings.
Urban Heat Islands occur in most large cities. Buildings and roads absorb the sun’s radiation throughout the day, consequently they heat up causing the surrounding temperatures to rise.

 Combined with high energy demand and the resulting emitted heat A feedback loop is created. The hotter it gets the more energy we use to cool our buildings, releasing even more heat into the environment, reinforcing the cycle.

Roofs have the potential to play a large role in cities’ resilience to climate change!  On a daily basis, a bare roof absorbs up to 50% of the radiation that hits the building, increasing the temperature indoors and adding to energy consumption. A bare roof collects and discharges stormwater rapidly to the streets, heavily straining the city’s sewage and drainage systems, resulting in floods.

A bare roof is a problem!

Our Principles

Our green roofs are designed to amplify environmental impact, improving buildings’ thermal function, stormwater management and local biodiversity.

Create Environmental Impact

In line with the environmental and social benefits, our green roofs will become an additional economical resource tailor-made to your business goals or needs.

Create Functionality

Our green roofs are designed to serve people just as much as they serve the environment. We design to the specific needs and goals of your community and business.

Create Financial Benefit

Build a green roof that will contribute to the growth of your business and enhance your property value, by creating beautiful, functional, natural common spaces for work and recreation.

Our Solution

We are a one stop shop for green roofs that really make a difference. 

Transform your bare roof into a personalised green roof garden and outdoor office space.
Host your next meeting with colleagues or clients on your own green roof.


– Define your goals and needs
– Concept
– Site survey
– Full architectural plans


– Obtaining building permits
– Waterproof sealing, flood testing and adjusting slopes
– Lightweight construction
– Multi-layered green roof             substrate


– Species selection
– Microclimate plant
– Supply
– Planting


 – Irrigation and fertilization 
– Pruning
– Drainage maintenance
– Ongoing gardening

By creating a green roof we reduce temperature and energy usage, manage stormwater better,
increase biodiversity all while utilising property you already rent or own.

But wait, cool isn’t just about temperatures right?

Our green roofs double as communal spaces, while benefiting the environment. We believe that residents, neighbours and co-workers that spend more time together surrounded by nature are more likely to establish communities that take responsibility for their environment.

Green roofs are a simple and hugely beneficial nature based solution increasing climate resilience of cities. We invite you to join our network of Living Labs, become part of our research and receive annual Environmental Impact Reports.

Join us on our mission to create cooler, more resilient cities.

Our Research

How much impact will your green roof have on its environment? By installing sensors in the roofs and buildings we can measure and analyse the specific benefits of each and every green roof. Using this data we generate Environmental Impact Reports that your business can publish and present to your investors. We work in accordance with SDG Israel to quantify and report your environmental impact. Join our Living Lab Network

Our Pilot

Coming soon to Abraham Tel Aviv is UrbanDaisy’s first green roof and Living Lab.

Located in the heart of Tel-Aviv city, open to the public and hosting a brand-new rooftop bar.

Abraham Tel Aviv is located in one of the most densely populated and least vegetated parts of Tel Aviv. bordering between the CBD and residential neighborhoods Abraham Tel Aviv has always been a community pillar and ground-breaking site for social initiatives, local artists and events.

We are very proud to be collaborating with Abraham Tel Aviv for our pilot green roof and Living Lab.

Our People


Adi Sholev

founder and CEO

Adi comes from a background of research, she had studied environmental science at the Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai and participated in several plant ecology studies.

Adi has decided to dedicate her professional life to the mission of increasing urban resilience to climate change. In our weekly team meeting, Adi always makes sure we all remember our greater goal and our personal roles in that mission. She is science driven and urges us to collect quality data so UrabanDaisy’s projects can demonstrate how green roofs are actually impacting the environment.




Yuval has recently received her BA in geography and human environment at TAU and fortunately for us, she is continuing to her Master’s degree researching our pilot green roof.

Yuval has a great passion for the environmental sustainability. Her experience as a research assistant  studying the urban environment, along side prof. Oded Pochter and as former employee at The Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel, makes her uniquely qualified to work with us at Urban Daisy.

In addition, Yuval’s knowledge, voice and esthetic talents led us to scoop her up as our social media manager.



Itamar Rozenzaft

Leading Architecture

Itamar studied architecture at Technion Israel Institute of Technology since finishing his studies he has designed and led many projects demonstrating his diverse capabilities and interests. Though Itamar does not specialise in sustainable building his notable professionalism led him to learn and implement environmental aspects and add creative solutions to our project.


Prof. Oded Potchter

Climate specialist

Oded’s passion for the environment is at a different level. Oded, formally addressed as Prof. Potchter, had dedicated his life to the research of the relationship between climate, society and environment. He is an multidisciplinary educational figure, who has gained major experience in teaching and researching climatology, urban environmental planning and bioclimatology. 

As a former member of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority plenum and the European Forum on Urban Forestry, and as a former planner of the climate blueprint of Tel-Aviv Municipality, Oded makes us all feel so smart and important, just by being around him.

Our Partners

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