Our Mission

Making cities cooler

Global warming is upon us, we need to cool it!

It’s time to design the cities of the future, cities that are energy efficient and resilient to climate change. We dream of cities that serve the people living in them, with ample public parks and clean air, cities in which we coexist with the ecosystem. We aim to bring nature back into our cities and we believe that roofs are the best place to start. Making cities cooler is the coolest mission ever.

Our Problem

The climate crisis is affecting many aspects of our daily lives causing numerous challenges for people and communities. Migration to cities persists while urban areas grow rapidly creating vast concrete deserts. As a result, our cities and their communities are struggling to cope with pollution, stormwater management,
loss of public parks and urban biodiversity.


One of the most concerning problems is the urban heat island, is an occurrence in which city centres suffer from significantly higher temperatures than their surroundings.Urban Heat Islands occur in most large cities. Buildings and roads absorb the sun’s radiation throughout the day, consequently they heat up causing the sounding temperatures rise. Combined with high energy demand and the resulting emitted heat A feedback loop is created.


The hotter it gets the more energy we use to cool our buildings, releasing even more heat into the environment, reinforcing the cycle. Roofs play a large part in cities' resilience to climate change! A bare roof absorbs up to 50% of daily radiation that hits the building increasing the temperature indoors and adding to energy consumption. A bare roof collects and discharges stormwater rapidly to the street, straining city sewage and drainage systems, resulting in floods.

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